It all started here...

In 2019 our friends at Refuweegee got in touch. They had families who were new to Glasgow and needed a pram or pushchair in order to leave the house. Did we know of any available? Around the same time, we were contacted by the St Enoch centre in central Glasgow. It turns out several prams and pushchairs had been abandoned at the centre. Could we do anything with them and keep them out of the landfill for a second run? As an organisation focused on repair and sustainability, we realised there was more we could do to extend the life of prams and pushchairs by accepting donations from families who didn’t need them anymore, cleaning and fixing them up, and passing them on to families who need them. The Pram Project was born!

From the beginning, we have been working together with Glasgow’s Refuweegee and other organisations to support people in need with prams and, thus, offer them much more flexibility and mobility in their lives.

We put out a call to our community in the form of a donation drive and a small crowdfunder to help us cover cleaning and repair costs. In March 2020 (Yes, March 2020! Terrible timing) we officially established The Pram Project as an independent, sustainable social enterprise with the vision of making the re-use of prams and pushchairs the new normal. Too often these items are disregarded and quickly end up in landfill. We stop that process by repairing and cleaning pre-loved baby items to a high standard and getting them back to work for families.

In January 2021 we moved to our Shawlands space and we are currently offering the following services:

  • Selling pre-loved prams
  • Pram repair and maintenance services
  • Pram rental memberships that include repairs and upgrades to families in the Glasgow area

We are committed to continuing our support of the community by donating as many prams as we can to New Scots and others in need.

A glimpse into our initial donations…