“Families looking to make sustainable choices have had few options when it comes to their pram or pushchair choice. The Pram Project aims to change that.”

Too often families are forced to buy new prams or pushchairs for lack of alternatives, while at the same time many other families have little choice but to send their quality, used equipment to the landfill because they no longer need or cannot repair what they have. The Pram Project provides services to meet those complementary needs.

Our clean and repair services, second-hand sales, and hire memberships provide families more sustainable options and reduces what ends up in the landfill. It’s good for families and it’s good for the environment.

Prams and pushchairs are not just nice-to-haves — they are critical to a family’s mobility and inclusion in the community. We donate a portion of our stock to families in need.

We believe quality is more important than new. We only offer high quality second-hand sales and membership hires so families have safe, stylish alternatives to buying new.