Rent a pram

Pay monthly, keep it as long as you need it, bring it back when you're done.
No waste, no fuss!

Choose Your Style

Any of the prams you see for sale in our Shop are also available for rent. You can reserve one using the form below. We have many more prams being worked on and available soon so do let us know if you are looking for something else.

Repair & Service

Any repairs your pram may need as a result of general wear and tear are included in your monthly fee.
We'll also schedule a free service once a year so we can keep the pram in top condition.

Swap It

We know that as your child grows, you might need a different pram... No worries! We offer a free pram swap every six months (or you can swap as many times as you like as long as you don't mind paying a small fee for cleaning)

Monthly Fee

Our monthly fees are on a pay-what-you-can scale.
• lightweight pushchairs: £5 - £10 per month
• single travel systems: £10 - £20 per month
• double travel systems: £15 - £25 per month

Up Front Costs

We ask for a suggested donation in the region of £50 up front to cover the cost of preparing your pram.
We also ask you to pay a deposit which we will return to you once you no longer need your pram.

Discounts for Annual Pay

If you pay for your pram annually, you receive a discount!
Lets call it 12 months for the price of 11.

Register your interest

Give us a call on 01412377750 or use the contact form below to reserve a specific pram from the online store or to make a general inquiry.

    All the prams currently for sale on the online store are also available to rent.
    If one of these has caught your eye please let us know the name of the pram or the SKU.