Repairs / Cleaning

We are able to clean your pram, repair specific faults, or give it a full service (incl. cleaning and repairs).

*We have reviewed our pricing and made a change that will hopefully make things simpler and a little fairer. Rather than charging a set amount for certain repairs / cleaning jobs, we are now charging based on how long the job takes.*


£6 per 15 minutes

(In some cases we will also have to charge for parts but we will let you know in advance when this is the case.)

The table below shows some estimates for the prices of various common repairs based on how long they usually take us.

Wheels£6-£12 per wheel
Folding mechanism£36
Handlebar height mechanism£36
Routine Maintenance:
Full service£24
Frame and wheels£12
Soft fabrics£30
The works:
(Full clean and service) £60

Please be aware that this table is just for you to get an idea of approximately how much your repair will cost, the actual cost may vary slightly.

COVID19: We are not yet able to accept repairs and cleaning jobs. But please let us know if you are interested in this service and/or keep up to date with current developments on our social media channels.

Make an appointment

Text or call us on 07391 041663 or use the form below to give us a bit of information about your pram and the work you would like us to do and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

    "The Pram Project is about bringing community together, promoting repair as an antidote to throw-away culture, and helping reduce the size of our landfills." ~ Jon, Executive Director of The Pram Project

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