Welcome to The Pram Project!

We are a Glasgow-based social enterprise whose vision it is to make the re-use of prams and pushchairs the new normal. Environmental sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of everything we do.

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We’re looking for volunteers to become part of our wonderful team! We have a range of exciting positions available – find out more here.

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Renting a pram is easy: pay a monthly fee for one of our prams and use it as long as you need it. Upgrade it to your child’s need any time and prevent baby equipment going to landfill. Win-win situation!


Buying a pre-loved pram is a great way to prevent waste going to landfill and saving money at the same time. Pick yours now!


Our repair service will take on any pram of any brand and fix it up for you! Choose from individual repairs to a complete showroom condition makeover.


“Families looking to make sustainable choices have had few options when it comes to their pram or pushchair choice. The Pram Project aims to change that.”